The Metallica Razor

a really short email

Happy Saturday to every unicorn in the galaxy.

I’ll be honest:

It’s 1:53am and I’m exhausted.

Instead of finishing my newsletter I went to a concert at Madison Square Garden.

The problem is that I have an awesome draft of another essay on first principles marketing, and I don’t want to send it out half-baked.

Instead, I’m going to share what I call The Metallica Razor:

“What’s the one thing in your business that if you get it right, nothing else matters?”

This is a razor I apply to work and life when I’m overwhelmed by the demands on my time and the options at hand.

In reality, there are only a few critical things that need to happen and the rest is just noise.

So go listen to Metallica and figure out what your one thing is…

I hope you’ll stick around for my next essay on first principles marketing next Saturday.


Should I have written this email?

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PS - there is more than 1 marketing takeaway here. While this principle of focus has been on my mind a lot lately, it would be much less cool if it weren’t called The Metallica Razor. Now I’ve glued it inside your head to something unusual, which will make it easier for you to remember.

PPS - I’ll share the poll results next week. Let’s call it a brand loyalty survey.

See you next Saturday.